Our Arabica coffee from Central America, South America or Africa are roasted in an artisanal way, they are cooked slowly and at low temperature. This process allows the coffee to develop all its aromas during cooking and offers better digestibility.

Our high-quality Arabica coffee beans are selected and imported directly from plantations in Central and South America and Africa. Artisan roasters by profession for more than 20 years, our historical know-how allows us to offer you exceptional coffee, in pure origins or in blends.

Traditional roasting allows us to offer exceptional coffee, with complex aromatic development, combining taste, quality, freshness and respect for the environment. Our range of coffees are tailored to meet each coffee lover’s taste:

Mild thanks to a so-called “blonde” roasting,

Medium in French roasting called “robe de moine”

Strong after further roasting, called “Italian-style”

The packaging of our coffee is carried out by our local partner whose know-how and experience in the field allows us to offer our coffee in all forms, in sachets of all sizes, ground, grain, favoring bulk but also offering it in Nespresso compatible capsules, Dolce gusto compatible capsules, or Senseo type pods. Coffee has never been so diverse in its presentations reflecting the diversity of its consumers, so we offer a wide range without forgetting to promote the use of packaging that respects biodiversity.

While cooking, the grains are continuously stirred to be evenly exposed to heat. They start to swell while crackling and their color changes until they become more or less dark brown.


The blond roast highlights the sweetness and slight acidity of "mild" Arabica coffee. Its unique taste offers you a light and aromatic cup without bitterness. In general, the blond roast matches the taste of Northern Europeans and Americans.

The so-called "monk's robe" medium roast amplifies the flavor of "medium" arabica, while maintaining a slight acidity. Its unique taste offers you a round and balanced cup with a good length in the mouth. This roasting is called “à la française”.

The "full-bodied" Arabica benefits from a dark toasted roast, perfect for South American coffee, which accentuates strength and length on the palate. The cup is thus powerful and long and mouth-watering. This roasting is called "Italian".