Biodyssée is an independent and French brand carried by a family in love with gastronomy. Our objective is to discover and share the gastronomic know-how of producers and artisans to pass on our knowledge of food to future generations.

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The table is synonymous with conviviality, moments of happiness with family and friends. Biodyssée is a story of sharing inspired by our grandparents, one a fine grocer, the other from the Paris hospitality school. We want to pass on this love of taste and human relationships to our children. We therefore go together to meet our producer and artisan partners to create human links that go well beyond simple commercial exchange. Over the years, we have forged strong and lasting ties with them based on common values: authenticity, sharing, respect for nature, women and men.


Beyond the landscapes, travelling is a journey of cultural and gastronomic discovery. In the four corners of the world, each region, each craftsman develops knowledge of his land and local know-how. For more than 20 years, we have been meeting these women and men who perpetuate an artisanal know-how from the harvest to the transformation of materials. By immersing ourselves in the local culture and traditions, we try to understand the origin of each ingredient. Our objective is to bring you with us on our journey by offering you the best of each region at your table. Sometimes you just need to add a spice to a dish to be transported halfway across the world!


Passionate about gastronomy, we are looking for an authentic taste in each product that we select. We have created a tasting committee made up of experts, amateurs but also consumers to ensure the quality and aromatic balance of each blend. Our producer partners are also involved in the development of new recipes to remain reflective of the origin of each material. Drawing on our 20 years of expertise, we create our blends of coffees, teas, herbal teas, drinks, spices and herbs in our workshops in France. From the combination of flavors to the balance of textures, we want to deliver the best in taste, every day and for everyone.


Passing on a gastronomic heritage to our children would make no sense in a world disconnected from nature. This is why we act every day to preserve our natural environment and pass on a healthy and sustainable world in harmony with our environment to future generations. Biodyssée exclusively offers products from organic farming for the well-being of people and biodiversity. We promote the use of eco-responsible recycled or biodegradable packaging. We also optimize transport by consolidating our purchases in order to reduce our ecological impact. Finally, we favor local partners with producers and artisans who share our values and our convictions.