The plants infused in Biodyssée’s herbal teas are harvested by committed producers with whom we share common human and ecological values. We favor partnerships with local producers to help you discover authentic flavored herbal teas from our regions.

Biodyssée’s herbal teas come from the cultivation or harvesting of freshly cut European wild plants in order to retain their naturally digestive, relaxing or detoxifying properties. The unique bulk plants are harvested exclusively in our French regions in spring and summer. At our producers, growing plants is part of a comprehensive approach to preserve the health of our ecosystems and promote biodiversity.

Biodyssée selects the noble part of the plant, called “superior” to preserve its flavor and natural benefits.

Once stripped, the plants are left to dry for a few days in the open air, protected from light in order to preserve their texture and color. From harvest to consumption, we attach great importance to the quality and traceability of our products, in order to transmit the best of our terroirs to you.

Biodyssée plants are presented in herbalist cut with a few whole plants to facilitate your infusion. This cut is determined according to each plant in order to guarantee an optimal flavor. Each blend is meticulously worked with complementary plants to obtain a balanced infusion. The plants are cut just before packaging and are never crushed to maximize their natural benefits.

At the heart of many rituals, plants have always been the subject of myths and legends. For example, verbena was widely consumed in the form of herbal tea by some civilizations because it was reputed to hunt vampires. All over the world, wizards, mages and druids have showcased their know-how through mysterious plant recipes with reputedly supernatural powers. These “magic potions” are not, however, a pure invention: the virtues of plants are very real, they were recognized long before the invention of contemporary medicine. Nowadays, if they are no longer used to hunt vampires, plants are world famous for their purifying and medicinal virtues.


Today we are witnessing a transformation of the world of herbal teas, which are no longer seen only as miracle cures for all ailments. More and more delicious and creative, they have become popular in France and today represent an attractive drink for all generations, with an average of 130 cups consumed per person per year.