Spices evoke a wonderful, exotic, colorful, fragrant world, and the herbs or plants of our gardens (called vegetable gardens) or our mountains awaken our senses of taste and smell. The Biodyssée range of spices and aromatics offers all the essentials to flavor and enhance your dishes.

Our spices are selected by us in collaboration with historical producers, players in the organic subsidiary for several decades. Their mastery of cultivation through processing, the implementation of strict traceability and control procedures, and our additional analyses carried out in France, guarantee us products that comply with respect for food safety. The spices come mainly from Sri Lanka, the aromatics from the European Union.

Our spices & herbs come from different plantations and terroirs, where we have identified the best taste at the best season. Anticipating our sales, our projects are planned with our producers from whom we contract our purchases in advance to obtain our raw materials in the harvest, paid for in advance and at the right price.

Biodyssée spices & aromatics are strictly controlled by a technical team which monitors the plots during production, in order to meet the specifications of European regulations in terms of regulations specific to spices / foodstuffs and also to the requirements of biological agriculture. Once packaged, the spices and condiments are again subject to analysis in France before distribution.

In the Middle Ages, the grocer mainly sold spices which were consumed as a preventive measure to maintain good health and not to get sick. In Europe, it was not until the end of the 17th century to distinguish the grocer from the drugstore.

Our range of peppers and spices comes exclusively from the lush gardens of Sri Lanka where all these spices naturally grow throughout the seasons. They are harvested there by each of the farmers on their plots and then undergo a drying and sorting process, as well as the strictest quality control in accordance with the European standards set up by our partner. It is only after analysis that certain spices are reduced to powders just before packaging, thus guaranteeing optimal quality, the powdered spices respecting the same specifications as whole spices.