We travel the world to identify the best terroir, the right harvest season, to meet people from whom we are proud to buy healthy products. We put all our expertise and know-how in this 100% organic range, offering diverse flavors and origins.

We manage the sourcing of our materials from various local and international producers and import directly from the farms.

Associated with some of our teas, the aromas, plants and pieces of fruit are selected from producers mainly in France or in neighboring countries. Our partners are involved in respecting the environment and offering the best taste and quality.

The creation of a tea or “the art of blending” consists in seeking the balance of four criteria: taste, aroma, texture and power.

Perfectly mastering the sensory qualities of a tea and the ingredients with which we want to associate it, we know how to offer natural balanced blends, and when we use natural flavors for the pleasure of our taste buds, they are 100% organic and from French origin.

Our tea blends as well as our original teas are flavored and packaged in recyclable packs at our historic local artisan, who already prepares more than 100 tonnes of tea for us per year. The tea and plants are blended and flavored just before distribution to guarantee the consumer optimal freshness and intensity.

Our supplier is a group of tea producers in Japan located in the south-west of the country. In Japan, 70% of organic green tea comes from this region.

Their goal is to provide a wide range of high quality organic green tea, produced directly on their farms, and to enable producers to sell their teas directly at a competitive price, without intermediaries. Their expertise in production and strict quality control ensures exceptional products that comply with regulations. We have been working together since 2016.

Our supplier started as a processor and exporter of teas in 1993 and started trading organic teas in 1997. The objective of this company is to work with different groups of small producers in order to obtain a wide choice of materials. and develop the local economy. Respect for the environment and biodiversity as well as respect for social and salary conditions are essential issues in the daily life of this Sri Lankan company, a pioneer in organic production and sustainable development, ethics and fair trade with whom we have been working since 2002.